Abstract Guideline

  1. Abstract should be written in English.
  2. Abstract’s length should be a minimum of 200 words and a maximum of 250 words.
  3. Abstract needs to be simple, specific, clear, unbiased, honest, concise, precise, stand-alone, complete, scholarly, (preferably) structured, and should not be misrepresentative.
  4. Abstract must contains a research problem, objectives, methods, results, conclusion and may also include the author’s views on the implications of the study.
  1. Abstract must be submitted using Microsoft Word format (.doc or .docx format)
  2. Abstract must follow the formatting guidelines here
  3. Deadline for Abstract Submission July 30, 2022

Paper Guideline

  1. Manuscript is original, has not been published before and is not currently being considered for publication elsewhere (both online and print).
  2. The similarity index for plagiarsm check is pegged 20% excluding references.
  3. The manuscripts should not exceed 15 pages.
  4. Manuscript must be submitted using Microsoft Word format (.doc or .docx format)
  5. Author choose the publication target based on the scope/topic according to the publication output choices given by the committee.
  6. Deadline of Submission for full paper September 20, 2022.
  7. Full paper must follow the formatting guidelines here

Paper structure
Papers should be prepared in the following order:
Introduction: to explain the background work, the practical applications and the nature and purpose of the paper.
Body: to contain the primary message, with clear lines of thought and validation of the techniques described.
Acknowledgements (when appropriate)
Appendices (when appropriate)
Section headings: should be left justified, with the first letter capitalized and numbered consecutively, starting with the Introduction. Sub-section headings should be in capital and lower-case italic letters, numbered 1.1, 1.2, etc, and left justified, with second and subsequent lines indented.